Planning to build a driveway for your new home or have your old one replaced with exposed aggregate? Tweed Heads’ Joss-Crete offers top-notch concrete installation and resurfacing services, including exposed aggregates. Get in touch with us now to get a free quote!

One of the best things about exposed aggregate concrete is the ease and speed with which it can be installed.

We start the installation process by pouring concrete on your driveway and adding your chosen aggregates to the slab. Once the slab has been seeded, we then ensure that the surface is 100% smooth. Finally, the surface is gently hosed down to expose the beautiful stones underneath.

If you’re looking for a driveway that’s unique, beautiful, and slip-resistant, then you’ve made the right choice. The aggregates provide improved skid resistance, so you can say goodbye to slippery driveways that are difficult or dangerous to navigate when wet.

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Customising Your Exposed Aggregate Driveway

Gone are the days when grey was the only option you could choose for a concrete driveway. 

With exposed aggregate, you can add different pigments and mixes to make the driveway stand out.

Plus, you have the option to have the driveway sealed for improved protection from the elements. Combined with regular and proper maintenance, you can be sure that exposed aggregate driveways will last a lifetime and beyond.

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Why Choose Exposed Aggregate?

Versatile and Eye-Catching

Exposed aggregate driveways are versatile and durable. Their timeless elegance is perfect for traditional homes and modern ones. And they’re simply beautiful thanks to the multi-coloured crushed stones.

Maintenance is Virtually Stress-Free

A quick sweep using a stiff broom is all it takes to keep the surface clean. If you want a deeper clean, then feel free to use a blower or a power broom to get rid of deep-seated dirt and moss.

It's Made to Last

Joss-Crete uses only premium materials, and our concreters ensure that each installation follows strict drainage standards. This is to ensure that every driveway we install will last for many years, giving you greater savings in the long run.

Ready to have your new driveway installed? You can contact us at 0434 361 036 or complete our quick quote request form and we will call you back.

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