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Looking for a reputable concreter who specialises in house slabs in Tweed Heads? Choose Joss-Crete! We are Tweed Heads’ and the Northern Rivers trusted concrete contractors. Call us now for a quote or any enquiries about our services.

Are you a homeowner or commercial property owner? Either way we have you covered when it comes to house slabs or commercial building slabs.

Whatever the size of the property and no matter how simple or complicated the project is, when it comes to house slabs and commercial building slabs in Tweed Heads and the Northern Rivers, Joss-Crete is the one to trust. Our concreters are trained, qualified, and ready to take on all concrete installation jobs. All slabs are poured and installed following the latest standards in Australian engineering.

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Different Types of House Slabs

Conventional Concrete Slabs

These are some of the most commonly used concrete slabs in the construction industry. These slabs feature a square shape and contain reinforcement bars for improved strength. They’re lightweight yet durable, making them a great choice for many construction projects.

Waffle Pod Slabs

Waffle pod slabs are the newest innovations in the construction industry. They have been gaining a lot of ground lately because of several reasons, including their durability, strength, and the efficiency with which it can be installed.

These slabs use prefabricated pods that resemble a waffle (hence, the name). Newly mixed concrete is then poured into the empty spaces. The reinforced steel mesh ensures that the slabs won’t crack easily.

Other concrete slabs you can choose from for your new build include brick-based or under-house slabs. You can also have your house slab customised with exposed aggregate or by giving it a fresh new colour or pattern. Reach out to us to see which one’s perfect for your project.

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Choose Joss-Crete for All Your Concrete Needs

At Joss-Crete, we take pride in the quality and durability of our work. Whether it’s a small property or a large commercial project, we follow stringent engineering standards and local regulations to ensure that the concrete can withstand wear and tear.

Our concreting services are available to customers from Burleigh Heads to Byron Bay. You can contact us at 0434 361 036 or complete our quick quote request form and we will call you back.

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